Deborah Dudley Max

For graphic artist and painter Deborah Dudley Max, serendipity follows her wherever she goes. The Bay Shore resident's work is part of the "Horses of a Different Color Program", a creative fundraiser by the Nassau County Sports, Entertainment and Tourism Commission.

Debbie was on an employee trip to Belmont Park when she noticed a painted horse and took a picture of it. Not long after, her friend, Robin Clark, saw the photo and remarked that she had seen an ad that said, "Artist wanted to paint horses" - the rest was divinely orchestrated.

'I love making things and I love painting. I get inspired from nature - there is no other teacher like it", she exclaimed. She hoped to capture the majestic characters of marine life. "I wanted to have it flowing like the ocean. On the front side of the horse are deep-water fish, and on the other are bay fish," Debbie explained.

-A Sea Horse-